Optimus Prime/Primal and Megatron hoodie

$125.00 USD

  • Image of Optimus Prime/Primal and Megatron hoodie

The leaders of the Autobots and the Decepticons are iconic! They’re fulls of details we all remember. This also means a lot more work to sew one. But they’re worth it! Important information: contrarily to the picture, I will *not* sew an Optimus or Megatron with a zipper. The one I made for this picture made me realize those are too complex to work well with a zipper.

Optimus or Megatron hoodie, size Men XXS to 5XL. Made of coton fleece, It’s soft and warm!

Any question? Just contact me!

Payment via Paypal and credit card accepted.

Please note: these hoodies are hand made when you place an order. If you have questions about the delays, please send me a message.

I can ship anywhere in the world, just send me a message to calculate cost! Thank you!

Image of Transformers hoodie
Transformers hoodie
$100.00 USD
Image of IDW Megatron v2
IDW Megatron v2
$150.00 USD
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